Maya Angelou famously refocused the perfection ofwomen in all her unique splendour in 1987.

Following in the creativity, passion and the spirit of that phenomenon, almost four decades later,

is a new venture by Reshma Merchant and Priyanka Kaul Lakdawala

At the heart of the brand are their commitment to changing lives, and their intention to revive and sustain cottage industry, through sustainable luxury and purposeful design. They also bring to House of Milk an understanding of a holistic, spiritual lifestyle that embraces wellness, sustainability and empowerment. Ancient Indian wellness, textile and fabric traditions, as well as Ayurveda, are important influences. And beyond building a holistic approach to lifestyle, House of Milk remains committed to building a rich community of both collaborators and consumers.

As children of Army personnel, both Reshma and Priyanka inherited an innate desire to give back to those less privileged, and to pay it forward. This sense of the greater good, and the importance of inclusiveness informs much of the philosophy of House of Milk. The brand empowers women through vocational training, which aims to help them build steady income streams.

In every way, Reshma and Priyanka live lives that translate ancient wisdom into modern lifestyles. With House of Milk, they invite you to experience this richer, more nourishing, and fulfilling way of being.


House Of milk


House of Milk is a fluid brand that we have created to bring together people who are well travelled, have a refined aesthetic and hearts as big as the ocean.
The most interesting fact about my career in the media was that while I spent my time on the branding side of the business, I always had a creative bent of mind that expressed itself each time.
My style philosophy can be described as contemporary, stylish and deconstructed. I dress to suit myself.
I never leave home without my handbag, which contains my world.

House Of milk


House of Milk is very close to my heart - a real passion project. It truly represents my creative sensibility, and is very fulfilling to work on.
The most interesting fact about my career in the finance was travelling and forming relationships with people that were rooted in trust. I managed their wealth, which taught me to understand the nuances of trust in a professional setting.
My style philosophy can be described as comfortable. I like wearing fabrics and clothes that are kind to my body.
I never leave home without my cup of tea, which I drink in the car. And I am always racing back to pick up things I`ve forgotten.