Our Story

Maya Angelou famously refocused the perfection of women in all her unique splendour in 1987. Following in the creativity, passion and the spirit of that phenomenon, almost four decades later, is a new venture by Reshma Merchant.

HOM is a fluid brand that brings together people who are well travelled, have a refined aesthetic and hearts as big as the ocean. House of Milk understanding of a holistic, spiritual lifestyle that embraces wellness and empowerment. House of Milk remains committed to building a rich community of both collaborators and consumers across our platforms. Reshma’s family have been educationist and philanthropist. Her sense of the greater good, and the importance of inclusiveness informs much of the philosophy of HOM-WE is an inspired collection in the designer's elevated, androgynous style that caters to everyone.

Reshma Merchant, Founder, completed her Jewellery Design course before completing her Business Management. She later joined Turner International, Viacom and Sony. While she spent her time on the brand side of the business, Reshma has always had a creative bent of mind and her assignments were enhanced with creative portfolios. She ran her own Brand and production firm for over seven years before she started House Of Milk (HOM).

In every way, Reshma lives a life that translates ancient wisdom into modern lifestyles. With House of Milk, she invites you to experience this richer, more nourishing, and fulfilling way of being.